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What we do

On this page, you will find all of the services that we provide, our areas of expertise as well as our experience as business development consultants, software developers and project managers.

Business Development

We pride ourselves on delivering first-class digital marketing and sales systems as well as developing unique software solutions for our global network of clients and partners. With us, you can completely automate and optimize your entire customer acquisition and retention processes, which will help you not only to attract more clients and increase the average revenue per client but to also build stronger and deeper relationships with your clients. The stronger the connection you can establish with the people using your service/product, the higher their long-term value (LTV) will be for your business.  This is where the power of our Empathy Sales System comes into play as by using it we can ensure that every prospect, customer, and/or partner of yours has a positive and authentic experience with your brand. Our work is not transactional, but it is rather focused on building long-term business relationships with our clients. By letting us help you position your business in an efficient & productive manner in these fast-changing and uncertain times you can avoid making critical and expensive missteps. Empathy Sales Group also provides a variety of practical sales training programs, coaching sessions, and online educational content that will send your sales, negotiation, closing, and business development game to the next level.

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Consulting & Solutions

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​Our boutique software development services are tailored to businesses that demand more than just functional software solutions. We take pride in delivering clean, high-quality software that scales with your business. In addition to our AI development, deployment, and integration expertise our team is also highly skilled in the areas of mobile native development (Android with Kotlin/Java; iOS with Swift/Objective-C) and backend & cloud development (with .NET and AWS) allows us to create custom solutions that meet your unique business needs. With a focus on quality and scalability, our software solutions are designed to help you achieve your business objectives now and into the future. Our expertise in software architecture design allows us to provide consulting services that ensure your software solutions are not only efficient but also future-proof and scalable. We also specialize in helping businesses build and manage effective software teams, implementing agile development processes that maximize efficiency and minimize time to market. By pairing our development services with expert consulting, we help our clients achieve their goals while staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly-evolving digital landscape.

Why choose us?

We put our money where are our mouth is

Proven & Tested System

The elite business development & optimization infrastructure that we will build and integrate into your operations is responsible for generating over 3 million EUR in sales to this day.  

Monthly Reports

We provide you with a detailed monthly report for all of the work that has gone into your project, our performance statistics as well as our strategy for the next month.

Risk-Free Opportunity

If you know that your business needs to undergo a thorough modernization and optimization process, then let us build a unique & affordable solution for you. 

What's the worst that could happen?

Even if were to part ways, you get to keep the entire infrastructure that we built for you.

We give back

Join us in the fight against climate change
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Alexa Young, CA

"The combination of software, services and a whole bunch of DFY marketing assets & campaigns that Empathy Sales Group built and integrated for my business has completely transformed the way we find, close and communicate with clients".
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