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Why Marketing & Sales Automations are the key to Scalability?

Ever since we were kids, we’ve been told that you need to work hard in order to make money and that the harder you work the more money you are going to make. And while this is generally true, what many businesses and individuals fail to understand is that in the modern day world working harder doesn’t mean spending tens of hours per week on tasks that could be automated, simplified, digitized and fully optimized. Working harder nowadays, should stand for being constantly curious about ways, strategies and tools that you could use for growing your business while making your clients feel special, appreciated and cared for.

Long gone are the days when you had no options but to sit and do manual prospecting for hours per day and cold messaging or calling people in search of potential customers, or manually sending individual emails and/or messages trying to follow up with leads.

  • Stop missing inbound calls, leads and requests due to poor internal marketing and sales structures.

  • Stop following, using and paying for 10 different apps with different passwords and usernames and functionalities where you keep all your customer data.

  • Embrace the power of modern day technology by incorporating specific AI and Automation sequences and systems in your digital marketing and sales processes in order to drastically increase the number of potential clients you talk to, close and retain long-term.

We are currently living in the greatest technological revolution in history but most businesses are still stuck in the early 2000’s when it comes to the way they present their services, generate leads, communicate with these leads, follow-up with people that have expressed interest, convert them into paying customers, upsell their existing customers and retain them as clients for longer. It’s mind-boggling how many small and medium sized businesses do not even have a Facebook pixel installed on their official website in 2022… As a business owner you should be obsessed with getting to know your clients and potential clients better and learning more about what they like, do, think, feel etc. as this is the only way to ensure that your products/services are relevant to what your target audience needs. And the beautiful thing about digital marketing is that it allows you to do all of that in a very visible, transparent and bulletproof manner.

Marketing For The Now

The famous marketing rule of 7 states that a customer needs at least 7 touch points before making a purchase. You have also probably heard the phrase “The Fortune is in the Follow-up”, which again stresses on the importance of not only initiating contact with your potential clients (leads) and getting their attention, but rather communicating with them on multiple occasions in different settings in order to establish that minimum level of trust with your brand that is required for them to buy your product/service. However, the truth is that making these 7 points of contact in the past used to be extremely difficult as customers and businesses did not have so many direct channels of communication as they do today. Sending promotional materials in the mail, advertising in the local newspaper, giving away brochures and discounts in person in busy areas, shout-outs over the radio etc. were all very generalized, time and resource consuming marketing strategies that were far from optimal but were the only game in town for a long time.

The reason why these old-fashioned marketing and sales strategies are sub-optimal, not cost effective and extremely outdated to the modern day market is the fact that they do not allow you to personalize and tailor-made your message in order to address the pain points, concerns and problems that are specific to the different sub-groups of your target audience. Instead it is basically one generic message printed on 10,000 brochures and then given away with the hope that the message would actually resonate with a certain percentage of the people who got the brochure. Well, let us tell you something that you probably already know… hoping is not a business strategy that you can rely on for running and growing your business. Last but definitely not least, when relying on these traditional marketing methods businesses do not have the option to get any live feedback and/or communicate with their potential clients in helping them make the right purchasing decision. To put it simply, traditional marketing techniques, tools and strategies rely to a large extent on two things that are completely outside of our control.

  1. Hoping that people will see our ad and

  2. People’s pro-activity, and willingness to reach out, ask for more info, visit the store, make a purchase etc. after seeing the ad.

What’s really interesting is that many companies do not realize that the backbone of any type of traditional marketing efforts like print, radio and TV is built to a large extent on the element of “hope” and the theory of large numbers. “When people hear our commercial on the radio or watch it on TV, they will think of us the next time they need a similar product/service”… well, here’s the problem with that..

  • How do you know that’s the case?

  • Is there any reliable, transparent and unambiguous way of finding out how many people were actually influenced positively by your radio/tv ad?

  • Can you measure what’s the negative impact of this highly generalized ad campaign and how many people feel irritated every time your ad comes on the radio/tv simply because your ad doesn’t relate to them and they are sick and tired of hearing it time and time again?

  • How do you know that the $30,000 that you spent on putting a giant billboard on one of the busiest highways in your city is actually bringing you a positive ROI?

  • Is there a way for you to know exactly how many people actually see that billboard each day?

  • And we are not talking about the traffic (number of cars and the people in them) that run on that section of the highway daily, as this number is irrelevant to you. Reason being is that people that are passing by the billboard could be actually doing a million other things different from looking at your billboard like texting, social media, browsing, playing a game on their phone, talking on the phone etc.

Lack of Data

Apart from being highly ineffective and severely overpriced for today’s dynamic and fast-paced environment, these old-fashioned marketing strategies are also unable to collect, analyze, study and identify key behavioral and/or psychographic tendencies in your target audience. This puts companies in the position of spending a ton of money on something that they can’t truly quantify and/or evaluate from a business standpoint. When you can’t collect such valuable information it is very difficult for you to complete the recommended 7 touch points with your potential clients in a customized and personalized manner and convert them into paying customers. The only reason why traditional marketing techniques used to work and bring millions to companies all around the world is that – there was no alternative for decades if not centuries. However, modern-day technology and the record pace of innovation has changed the landscape completely and only those who are able to adapt to the new world of marketing, sales and advertising will survive in the long run.

So, instead of spending a lot of money on shooting in the dark and hoping that you’ll eventually hit a home-run with traditional advertising you could use the huge opportunity that social media has created for finding your ideal customer as well as communicating with him/her in a more effective, frequent, and personalized manner. Furthermore, with technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Automation you are now able to organize, structure and run your business in a much more cost-effective, productive and scalable way.

Here at Empathy Sales Group, we help real estate businesses, professionals and investors double their income and save at least 15 hours of manual work per week by automating and optimizing their critical business processes through our creative digital marketing and sales systems. Book your FREE Strategy Session today and we will show you how you could complete the minimum of 7 touch points with your potential clients on autopilot without having to spend tens of thousands on hiring more staff, training them, managing them, coordinating your team’s efforts etc. You will be able to close a lot more clients and grow your business, while saving time and money in the process.

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