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What is the most underrated skill in SALES?

We are sure that this is a topic and question that will spark a lot of interest in you, but most of all we are confident that the answer will probably surprise you, but hey.. that's why we are here, right? To bring you premium quality educational and operational content that will give you practical ideas, tools and skills to improve and optimize your marketing and sales processes.

So without further ado, let's get right into it.

Way too many people focus on learning all the different tactics and strategies on how to sell, but very few actually take the time to understand the actual psychological and emotional framework that we all operate within as human beings. This is the equivalent of learning how to drive a car with 200 km/h and not knowing how to change gears. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

You can never become a great salesperson if you don't have the proper fundamental knowledge of what sales is all about. It's about psychology, emotions, logic and patience. Unfortunately, many people, both clients and sales agents believe that it is all about the commission, which causes sales agents to be pushy and manipulative, in their attempt to sell with a whatever it takes mentality, while on the other hand it makes clients defensive and negative by default.

We will show you how to reverse this equation and create a win-win situation for both parties, through the power of emotional intelligence and empathy.

Selling is about problem solving. Your job as a sales professional is to find the problem your prospect/client has and genuinely help them solve it. In order to do that, you need to be present in the conversation and not just reading off of the script in front of you like a robot. Having a general framework as to what the key stages and elements of a successful sales call are is definitely a necessity, but you never want to give up your ability to think on your feet and actually interact with the person on the other side.

Creativity is one of the most underrated sales skills of all time, and young sales professionals never get the opportunity to embrace and explore their creativity over the phone and/or in person. Every person has a unique perspective on the world and everything in it, based on their individual experiences, tastes, personality etc. Instead of being taught how to use their unique perspective and personality in becoming natural salespeople, companies prefer spending thousands of dollars in trying to make all of their sales agents sound exactly the same by giving them the same scripts, rules, tactics and objection handling techniques. That's why we started the Empathy Sales Academy where we tie all of that and a lot more together in an easy to follow process, which will help you to become a true natural salesperson.

Stay tuned for more useful articles and posts on how to find, close and retain more clients.


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